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Tips and how to speed up internet connection in Android

Tips and how to speed up internet connection in Android-Unstable internet connection is always annoying for users especially when the internet connection is needed. When your internet connection goes down of courses, you think what the cause is. The cause of the decline could be due to internet connection network that is being a nuisance, you are not good provider or your own HP less than the maximum in capturing the Internet network.

 In my country, smoothing network for 3G internet alone is not evenly distributed. There are still many areas in my country are not affordable 3G so that the internet is not maximized. Tips and how to speed up internet connection in Android into a solution that needs to be learned.

 The first way is to choose a good service provider. Use GSM providers who already have a mobile broadband technology with a good 3G network services. In addition, you also have to consider what the provider internet package offer. Choose a provider that offers many options package with rates varying internet.

 The second way is, the network settings on android offers you three options, namely GSM network, only GSM and WCDMA only. Choose WCDMA just so you can get a 3G network. Tips that you always fast connection that is by not opening too many applications. With too many open applications, RAM will be much inedible and will result in employment slowed browser. And it also will affect the performance of the Internet connection.

 Tips and how to speed up internet connection in Android ,Another tip, when you use the Internet using your smartphone do not share your internet connection with others. Or in other words, do not become a source for mobile WiFi others. Due to the shared network connection, would be very easy to slow down the performance of your own network.

 Delete your browser history and cache also be tips and how to speed up internet connection in Android. Erase history and cache which if not essential. Because the save history for too long will slow down your internet access. Usually a history and can be found in the browser cache.
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